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“A trusted advisor”

Kurt Seeger
Director of Technology, Wisconsin Lutheran High School.

For the past decade, Wisconsin Lutheran High School has utilized the services of Mr. Geoff Gardiner as our IT specialist and consultant. Our association with Mr. Gardiner over the years began when AE Business Solutions employed him. So pleased we were with his work and his knowledge and insight of our infrastructure that when he left AE Business Solutions we followed him to his new place of employment. Now that he has chosen to start his own business, Rescue Dog Technologies, Wisconsin Lutheran High School has once again opted to continue using his services.

We find Mr. Gardiner's work to be exemplary and his service/response time to be excellent. We are impressed that he has surrounded himself with capable assistants that can offer expertise in many diverse areas of technology. With our explosion of technology use that we are facing in education, we find Mr. Gardiner's consulting and planning skills to be extremely helpful as we are in the midst of implementing a major technology overhaul at our school. He is a trusted advisor in this planning because he understands the financial budgetary restraints that we face and he is a key factor in helping us plan successfully for our future. Rescue Dog Technologies and Mr. Geoff Gardiner receive the highest recommendation from Wisconsin Lutheran High School.

7 Things We Do Better

Fast, Responsive Support When You Need It Most

At Rescue Dog Technology, we know that every minute counts when your systems aren’t working the way they should. That’s why we respond to your support needs as quickly as possible. Our support team will be in touch with you within 2 hours after you report a problem. Most times even sooner!

We Never Speak "Geek"

Many support techs will try to impress you with their IT expertise by throwing around acronyms or confusing networking technology. Not us! We believe the best way to get your problem fixed or to plan for future network projects is to explain things in plain language, without all the "geek speak".

Professional Technicians Who Fix Problems the 1st Time

Your time is important to us. That’s why we’ll only send experienced technicians to address your networking and computer problems. You won’t be paying us to learn new skills or figure things out for the first time. Our technicians are trained to troubleshoot problems quickly and get your systems back up and running correctly the first time!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We’re so confident we can handle just about any computer or networking issue you throw at us, that we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. If our technicians fail to fix your problem to your satisfaction, just let us know. We’ll keep working on the problem until it’s fixed or you won’t pay us a single dime!

Billing Without Surprises

We send detailed invoices to our clients for all the work we perform. Your invoice will reflect the entire scope of our work in easy to understand terms, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for and why. No cryptic bills, no surprises. That’s our promise to you. You will receive the bills promptly.

We Understand the Unique Needs of Business

While we work with a variety of small, medium and large sized businesses, we also have unique expertise when it comes to supporting computer systems and networks in several business markets. We understand the unique business cycles, security requirements and diverse technologies that are vital to your business.

Caring For Our Community

At Rescue Dog Technology we pride ourselves on serving our clients and customers each and every day, yet we understand the big picture too. We’re all active in our community, working with a variety of rescue organizations, volunteer fire departments and other non-profit organizations. Our greatest goals involve serving our community and doing what’s right for all our friends and neighbors. Helping others is a way of life for us and our business is an extension of that desire to help.